silver medal at the japan flower and gardens show.  Picture of a fire pit

Billy Button at the Garden Show

aerial shot showing the curves of the gardens

beautiful garden light fitting for a balcony garden

Melbourne Interenational Flower & Garden Show 2014

Front driveway planted with thyme and grasses in an Australian style

Living Chessboard made from suculents for outdoor furniture

gardeners garden in Kew

shot of paving at a site in Mitcham on a flexible base

Image of whole site at the japan flower and garden show 2015

nepal garden image 1

View of whole garden in Australian garden

Garden ideas by a landscape designer

stone carving tools in Japan

nepal garden image of a copper bath in the shape of a leaf 1

Brick Wall kathmandu Nepal

Plants in the home garden

day bed garden furniture for the landscape

A picture of an Australian style garden in Geelong East,  Timber clad building surrounded by grasses

Garden at Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki

Newari style Brick Wall kathmandu Nepal

outdoor furniture and garden design

Landscape designer site at the melbourne international flowere and garden show

melbourne landscape design with gaura in foreground

random paving layed in Bannockburn near Geelong

paving at mitcham job with pattern grinded into top of rock

Steel garden sculpture

Timber screen with plants in the landscape

carved stone and brick steps in Nepal Garden

Landscape circular seating courtyard made from reclaimed materials.

logo replicated out of leaves and sticks

Timber screen garden design idea.

shot of landscape feature from inside the house

 outdoor shelf with casuarina

Melbourne planting design from leucophyta brownii, ficinia nodosa, carex buchanii.

Bamboo hut with thatch roof on the edge of a river in sikkim

Bamboo hut with thatch roof on the edge of a river in sikkim

comtemporary garden with a day bed

courtyard in newtown

outdoor room with a modern garden feel

Aerial shot of a garden in newtown

Aerial shot of succulent garden

Japan world cup gardening

Plants for the melbourne garden

thank you to all the people who made this garden possible

 plant for Geelong landscape designers

landscaping plant image for a contemporary or modern garden

example of planting design