How can I make my landscape more sustainable?

Sustainability in the landscape is a must. We live in a world of finite resources.

Garden Tip 1 Reflect Do you really need this? How often am I going to have 80 people on my deck? Could I go without or could I use a substitute.

Garden Tip 2 Refuse If it is a bad idea say no. you may not need it or there may be a suitable substitute.

Garden Tip 3 Reuse - Is this material really at the end of its useable life? Can I find another use for it? Can I find someone else who has a use for it?

Garden Tip 4 Reduce - Can I reduce the size of my deck? Can I set my area up to use less energy?

Garden Tip 5 Recycle Can this material be processed to have a new life? This is the next alternative to reusing. Can I use a recycled product instead?

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