Garden Show, australia

Photos: Bekky Hall

A Small Space In Time

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, Carlton Gardens

About: A Small Space in Time ,br> The floor is yours. The time is now. You are nothing more than the sum of your actions and inaction. 
“Plants aren't just a garnish. They are the givers of our breath, the source of our food. They are the gatekeepers of life. Plantings, ecology and sustainability can be incorporated into the functional elements of any space and not just be perceived as an opportunity cost. If not you, who? If not now, when? Every day is another chance to acknowledge and act on what you feel deep in your bones.” 
The small space caters for dining, leisure, bathing, food production and work while providing almost total plant coverage. Water, a critical element of life connects the walls to the floor to the solar hot water system to the shower where it eventually ameliorates in to the earth through a rain garden. The centre piece is a ‘living table’ adorned by a bed of moss with coasters rising up from the surface. An office floats over the plant life while opened out from the building. 
Created almost exclusively of reclaimed, recycled and reused materials this garden is a first apology to nature for everything I should have admitted to myself and acted on earlier. Clean, contemporary, alive. A first step. Be happy.



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