So... how does the design process work

Call or email us for to discuss your project.  We only take on a handful of large projects a year so we will talk to you about your project and make sure that we are a good fit for each other before we proceed.  If not, I will try and recommend someone else who would suit your style and situation.

We will come out for a consultation generally at your home. We will discuss your design and get to know you.  You may just want someone to stand there and give you some ideas.  Otherwise, we will go away and work together on a price to draw up a conceptual design.

We will present you with a concept design and talk you through it.  You may wish to have some changes made however, they are usually minor. 

At this point we will decide together whether and what extra drawings and planning are needed to bring your project to fruition. We explore the design in further depth to get down to the details. We look at what further documentation needs to made for permits, engineering approval and so that the constructors can interpret the design.

We construct some projects but we also use other construction teams and the come in for of the more important elements.  We may just take care of plants, boulder placement and custom furniture so that we can meet deadlines.

Ross Uebergang in a Garden


Design, planning and construction

Garden design and construction for residential and commercial sites.  We create gardens in local, rural, interstate and overseas areas. Over the past few years we have made gardens in Melbourne, Geelong, rural Victoria, Japan, India and Nepal.


Plant Procurement and Planting

Boulder Placement

Custom furniture



Water Features