How much does a landscape cost?

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How much do I need to set aside for my new garden?

This is obviously a hard question to answer as everyone's needs are different. You may want to undertake the construction yourself or have someone else project manage from design to installation. Below I have indicated some rough costs based on the Landscape Industry Association of Victoria's pricing guide.

How much does a deck cost?

On average a deck will cost between $280 and $360 per square metre installed. Some of the variables which change the cost are how the deck is going to be fixed down (nails, screws, secret fixing) what type of timber you choose, thickness and width of the boards, special designs and the site. A deck that is that is 4m x 5m might cost around $5,500 - $7,000.

What other costs might I need to think about with my new garden?

Labour is the main thing that is under estimated in landscaping. Things take time. If you have 4 people working on your garden for two weeks you are effectively paying someones wage for 2 months plus enough to cover the expenses of the business.


Ross Uebergang