Kathmandu, nepal

Design and Construction Workshop Kathmandu, Nepal

Come and learn landscape design and construction techniques in Kathmandu, Nepal.

When: Now until Middle of March 2015.

Where: Imadol, Kathmandu, Nepal - An exact Address for this development does not exist yet. It is located approximately 10 minutes drive South East of Patan in Amadol. Call in advance for exact location

Registration and Contact Information: There are limited places available but we will endeavour to cater for as many people as possible. info@rossu.com.au +977 9801175856

Cost: Pay as you feel.

Accommodation: There are limited beds available on the site. We can also recommend nearby accommodation, if all spots are taken.

What will we be undertaking: We will be designing and constructing a Newari style garden with a contemporary edge. The design is evolving as we undertake the project. However, we are building walls out of brick with a traditional Newari Style. We are making a outdoor bath out of copper in the shape of a giant leaf, creating some utility spaces and using a lot of plants. The site will be constructed using second hand materials where possible. I am a Landscape designer from Australia and I have with me Architects from India and Malaysia and other friends we have made along the way. We would love to see you here. Contact us for further information.

People we need to thank.......so far:Ain Contractor, the best damn Project Manager / Architect / Friend in the continent. Rackesh - for letting me build a garden at his house and keeping us warm and loved. Coco for his ideas, guns and cooking. Elena, Caoimhe and Ashleah who have come from all over the world to help keep us entertained. Grace our entertainment captain from the US and Vivian our Architect / Miss Universe representative from Malaysia. Ravi our go to person for solving tech problems and social media guru. Cha Cha, Ram and the new guy...... our brick layers. Sainaz our local Architect for her advice. Rackesh' family for all over the help with transport and making our wine. Sarzana and Roshin the hippest labourers in Imadol. Then Ari, Rajesh, Rupen, Amit and all of the other people I can't think of right now. Anish and crew for helping us build our new plant morphology phone app.